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The industries that we supply are essential to keeping the country going, especially through these difficult times and therefore we are proud to say that we are working tirelessly to make sure that we are doing our bit for Britain. We will continue to provide our goods and services through these times and will do so in a safe, socially conscious way.


Calibrations/Earth Repair/Tool Repair

Calibrations, Earth Repair and Tool Repair for the Utilities Industries

Keeping your business running with a fast and efficient means of managing Calibrations, Earth repairs and Tool repairs is essential to all of our customers. AUS Ltd can assist with all of these aspects of keeping your existing equipment in the very best serviceable and safe condition.

Unlike others we will provide a full range of services for your existing equipment, not simply look to repeatedly sell replacement tools.

Our calibrations and repairs services are fully backed up with a dedicated collection and return service, which is particularly useful for tools and equipment that is big or bulky, and adds a touch of personal service.

Calibration certificates follow once equipment is returned, and records can be managed centrally by AUS Ltd if required. Full traceability is also maintained on all Earth repairs and Tool repairs completed at our works.


Maintaining adequate records of calibrations for tools and equipment is essential – and the legal requirements have become increasing stringent in recent years.

Help is at hand – AUS provides a comprehensive range of calibration services, from support to full management of calibrations.

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We can facilitate calibrations of a wide range of equipment, including:

  • Compression tooling
  • Electrical test equipment
  • Proof loading of capstan winches
  • Dynamometers
  • Earthing equipment, both high and low-voltage equipment, and earth meshes, calibrated using a low ohm meter

Earth Repair

AUS Ltd manufactures a wide range of high and low-voltage specialist earthing equipment, approved for use by all of the various network operators across the country.

Due to the safety critical nature of this type of equipment, we offer a full range of controlled repair and modification work at our own workshop facility in Huddersfield.

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All earth repairs or modifications are carried out in-house by our highly experienced workshop staff, and all earths are subsequently re-tested and logged back out if modifications have been made.

  • Controlled Repair
  • Controlled Modifications
  • Re-Testing
  • Re-Logging

Tool Repair

Reduce downtime and keep your business running smoothly with our comprehensive range of tool repairs.

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These include:

  • Manual, hydraulic and battery compression tools
  • Manual, hydraulic and battery cutting tools
  • Lifting equipment

Including a full range of chain lever hoists, by fully trained and authorised personnel, able to both repair and “proof load” lifting equipment, then issue Reports of Thorough Examination.

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