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GPO No 0 Trencher shovel, with yellow fibreglass MYD handle

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GPO No 0 Trencher solid socket shovel, with yellow fibreglass MYD handle. The handle is constructed of a solid core 28mm diameter resin bonded glass fibres to give superior strength. The dimensions of the solid socket steel GPO No 0 Trencher shovel are 7 wide by 11" in length.""PO No 0 Trencher solid "


Next day delivery – available to England and Wales (Price available on quote)

Standard Delivery (4 – 5 Working Days) – available to Europe (Price available on quote)

International Delivery (7 – 10 Working Days) – Available to countries out of Europe (Price available on quote) 

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AUS accept returns on a by order basis, please speak to your account manager.



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