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Cembre HT51-KV manual compression tool

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Cembre HT51-KV orange insulated manual hydraulic compression tool which accepts the "square back" Cembre range of dies. The tool features a two speed hydraulic action, and has a sprung loaded handle which means the dies can be advance using one hand, leaving the other free to position the connector. The head of the tool can rotate freely through 180 degrees. A built-in safety valve will by-pass the oil supply once the maximum pressure is reached, and the hydraulic pressure can be released at any point through the compression cycle. The tool generates 50kN of force at the head, and is supplied in a plastic case that will also store a selection of up to 20 die sets.


Next day delivery – available to England and Wales (Price available on quote)

Standard Delivery (4 – 5 Working Days) – available to Europe (Price available on quote)

International Delivery (7 – 10 Working Days) – Available to countries out of Europe (Price available on quote) 

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AUS accept returns on a by order basis, please speak to your account manager.



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