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Bullfinch Autotorch heatshrink burner, 2121 (soft flame)

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Bullfinch Autotorch heatshrink burner, 2121 (soft flame). The burner offers a well spread softer flame for heat shrinking of plastics for cable jointing and other industrial plastics. It was particulalrly designed for Raychem heat shrink sleeves, but is well used for similar applications with many other brands. Care and time is required to make a professional joint with a heat shrink sleeve. Do not allow the flame to play for too long on any one point - keep moving over all the surface of the sleeve until a good joint has been made.


Next day delivery – available to England and Wales (Price available on quote)

Standard Delivery (4 – 5 Working Days) – available to Europe (Price available on quote)

International Delivery (7 – 10 Working Days) – Available to countries out of Europe (Price available on quote) 

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