The first round of AUS Pole Climbing Championship show took place last weekend (14th– 16th of June) at the Royal Three Counties Show in Malvern. A weekend of intense and impressive pole climbing took place with many prizes won and personal records beaten. 

Throughout the weekend many competitions took place for men, women, tree surgeon level and expert level. 

 World champion, Dan Whelan, took this weekend’s winning title and prize with an excellent time of 10.3 seconds! Congratulations Dan for winning the expert category. A massive well done to Charlie Edwards (age 57) who finished the weekend with an impressive time of 13 seconds consistently over the hole of the competition. First timer, Johnathon, competed in in our Tree Surgeon Category averaging with times of 30 seconds to then head on and win the Tree surgeon category with the spectacular time of 17 Seconds. And finally, well done to the other competitors and thank you to everyone who came to support. 


We hope to see you all at our next Championships at the Kent Country Show.