AUS Ltd one again came tops in the polls with the phenomenal Pole Climbing Competition at The Kent County Show 2019. Competitors came from all over Britain for Round 2 of the AUS British Pole Climbing championship.

This time the eyes were on Championship leader Dan Whelan who set incredible times all weekend, all climbs except his first of the weekend were 9 second climbs. Dan set a new personal best time of 9.314 sec in the final climb which is just 0.24 seconds away from the WORLD RECORD.

Dan will be aiming to go even faster at next weekend’s Woodfest Wales and all of us at AUS will be cheering him on from our trade stand.

Congratulations must also go to all the competitors, 95% of the climbs on the Friday were all personal best times.

The biggest cheer from the crowds went to our first-time climber Danial Scarr, who is a first-year student at East Durham college, showing fantastic determination and a can do attitude, to complete all 9 climbs over the event. Danial’s fastest time was 1min 47sec