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How UK manufacturers are leading during a global crisis. 

'' There has been little information out there on how to lead a business during a global pandemic whilst also juggling other activities associated with the boardroom. Read our top tips and stories for leading during a crisis from members of Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire.

At the start of the pandemic, Made in Group organised several Mastermind groups for leaders to share best practice and get problems off their chests to relieve some of the pressure regarding business challenges.

These discussion groups highlighted that there is an immense amount of knowledge and experience, which offers some reassurance that despite external pressures and political uncertainty we do have large numbers of competent people in leadership roles across British industry.

We’ve reached out to some of these members so they can share their thoughts on what makes a good leader during a crisis and how you can learn from these spirited leaders.'' 

Here's what they said about AUS - 

Like many other manufacturers, AUS Ltd has continued to innovate over the course of the pandemic. This has led to industry-changing and innovative designs such as their sustainable plastic footbridge - produced for the rail network and span wire clamp also used in the rail industry. Simon Gibson, Managing Director at AUS, said:

 “We have been fortunate during the pandemic as we supply to key industries the majority of the time. However, government grants towards innovation have massively affected our success, as we believe innovation is the future.”

 However, the firm has also embraced the digital era over the last several months, in terms of reaching out to customers, prospecting and reaching their audience in general. This has included investment in their social media marketing and rebuilding its website to include e-commerce. Simon added:

 “By investing in our digital marketing strategy, we have noticed the increase in awareness of our products across our social channels. The digital world is vital at the moment as it is the only way to reach everyone.”

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