Last year, AUS entered the prestigious ‘Made in Yorkshire’ competition, a competition in which companies from the engineering and manufacturing industries from Britain’s largest county submit their applications in a bid to win this illustrious title. There are a range of categories at the Made in Yorkshire competition and we are thrilled to say that AUS was named the winner of the ‘biggest change’  category, a real recognition of the efforts that we have taken to drive the company forward to be the very best that we can.

Although we are not focused upon accolades, this award is very meaningful to us here at AUS as it proves that the hard work that we have done to progress the company is being appreciated by the industry. Helping this great industry thrive is as important to us as our personal success and we are doing our bit by trying to get young people into manufacturing and engineering and this is something that we are achieving through apprenticeship schemes. This drive for more apprentices was one of the things that was recognised in terms of the award as we have improved the number of apprentices that we have at AUS and are continuing this development. 

One of the main reasons that we attained this award was a significant progression of product development. We have developed a range of protection blankets which are designed to combat the underground explosions of electricity link boxes. Link boxes are where underground electricity cables come together and form points in the distribution network where electricity can be correctly routed. This infrastructure is ever aging and also under increasing pressure of higher loading requirement as demand for electricity increases. There have been many instances of disruptive failures resulting in link boxes exploding throughout the UK in recent years. What makes this issue even more concerning is the fact that these link boxes are primarily found in city centres and that in these city centres they are found in vast quantities. However, before you worry, AUS have the answer! We have developed a range of blankets that protect from the explosions and these blankets have been reacted to extremely positively and this is something that really captured the attention of Made in Yorkshire.

The success of these blankets has enabled us to improve the company in many ways such as the investment in new and more efficient machinery and also the ability to invest in more members of highly trained staff to increase the size and skill set of the company. More advanced machinery and larger amounts of well-trained staff have boosted the efficiency of the company exponentially, and in addition to this, we have also been able to move our operation to larger and more space-efficient premises which has led to a boost in our productivity due to us simply having more space to operate and the room for more staff, equipment, and a greater capacity to store stock. 

So, 2017 and 2018 were great and very significant years for AUS. They were times where we saw the company grow in many different ways and were symbolic of the constant desire for drive and progression that runs throughout the very core of AUS. This desire and hunger is something that is central to our philosophy at AUS and the Made in Yorkshire ‘biggest change’ award is a great acknowledgement of this and will be something that continues to inspire us to be carry on growing and striving for more.