Recently we at AUS have paid a number of visits to a/attended a careers fair at a local school, Scissett Middle School. The purpose of these visits was to encourage children and young adults to become interested in one of the main industries that made this country great. Two of our main philosophies here at AUS are the value of young skilled workers, and the importance of our local community whether it is locally sourcing products, or hiring workers form the local area. Due to these core values, the visits to local schools were an absolute must as they were a great way of promoting the company as well as the/our apprenticeship schemes and our industry.


It was important to us to highlight the different ways into the industry and promote the industry in general in order to get young people interested in manufacturing and engineering and close the skills gap.  Due to this, we brought a selection of our products to demonstrate to the pupils the range of interesting equipment that are used and the different kinds of skilled work that are available. We aimed to help the pupils appreciate the possibilities that are available in our industry and in order to do this, we set them a task. We explained to them how electricity link boxes have been exploding in cities, causing pavements to blow up and asked them to come up with the best solution to this problem. The purpose of this was to get the children thinking creatively whilst also raising awareness of the kind of problems that we have to face on a day to day basis to get them interested at a young age. This task was well received by the pupils who set about trying to solve the problem with clear enthusiasm.


Overall, we found that our trip to Scissett Middle was a success due to the interest that we received from the pupils. We aimed to raise awareness of the interesting, exciting and rewarding work that is available in our industry and we feel that this was achieved. If our words and demonstrations created a spark in the minds of the pupils of Scissett Middle, we hope that they can light the way for a new wave of innovative and talented engineers and manufacturers and then we at AUS have done our job.