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Innovation Competition

A double win for AUS

AUS have been awarded two contracts to lead Innovative projects that will make railways safer, greener, and more reliable.

The Department for Transport and Innovate UK launched a £9.4 million Small Business Research Initiative called First of a Kind 2020 to find this century’s Brunel & boost innovation in Rail.

AUS proposed two projects, both of which will start in July 2020 and conclude in March 2021.

1. A Novel, Low Environmental Impact, Composite Railway Footbridge Project

Costs: £399,466

The objective of this project is to demonstrate a new method of connecting fibre reinforced plastics together to form a footbridge.

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The FRP TRUSS Connection System benefits:

  • A structure that is as stiff and strong as a steel equivalent but at least 60% lighter
  • No maintenance requirements (corrosion)
  • High thermal resistance and stability
  • Easily maintained should vandalism occur
  • Electrically non-conductive – Major benefits for electrified railways
  • 75% reduction in carbon emissions

2. Minimising disruption of overhead line renewals via novel headspan assemblies Project

Costs: £321,542

The objective of this project is to demonstrate an innovative replacement for a Span Wire Clamp Assembly.

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The benefits of the AUS’ design include:

  • A reduction in components of more than 50% and a mass reduction of 66%
  • An estimated 4-fold reduction in installation time
  • Unconditional corrosion resistance
  • A more reliable and resilient design – to be proven via testing and computational analysis

Project Partners Include:

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