Covid19 Statement

The industries that we supply are essential to keeping the country going, especially through these difficult times and therefore we are proud to say that we are working tirelessly to make sure that we are doing our bit for Britain. We will continue to provide our goods and services through these times and will do so in a safe, socially conscious way.


We supply and support UK & Ireland based Distribution Network Operators & independent contractors

At AUS, we understand the unique requirements of the Arboricultural industry

We supply and support UK and Ireland based Distribution Network Operators who employ their own vegetation management teams, and all of the contractors, large or small, working for these businesses, and have successfully done so since our inception in 1998.

Senior buyers, project managers, construction managers, business owners and other decision makers all rely on us to provide a comprehensive and professional range of equipment and services.

Our innovative range of tools and equipment, often unique within the Utility Arboriculture sector, is designed to meet the exacting demands of our customers and the industry, and many of our products are designed or manufactured in-house.

Why choose AUS as your preferred supplier?

Industry knowledge

Our understanding and experience of the Utility Arboriculture Industry is unique within our sector

Product knowledge

Our staff have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Utility Arboriculture Industry, and many of our products are manufactured in-house, which means we can offer competitive prices for both off-the-shelf and bespoke products

Industry professionals

The experience of our team is impossible for our competitors to match, with the current team of six having in excess of 160 years combined practical industry experience. This wealth of experience from expert staff fundamentally understand industry terminology, and are geographically distributed throughout the country

Customer service

Our philosophy is customer focused: every client receives a personal service, whoever they are. Answering your questions, problem solving and offering solutions are all part of a standard day’s work

Honesty and integrity

Because we understand how the Arborist Industry works, we will only promise what we can deliver, while striving to go above and beyond the call of duty

Global sourcing and supply

We not only service customers throughout the UK and Ireland, but from as far afield as Asia, Africa and Australia, with supply partners from around the globe

Utility Arboriculture Industry product range

Taking the stress out of sourcing materials

Why waste time dealing with multiple suppliers when we can handle everything for you? We understand the importance of getting equipment delivered to site on time, and have the in-house expertise and the range of stock to look after your product supply.

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