Covid19 Statement

The industries that we supply are essential to keeping the country going, especially through these difficult times and therefore we are proud to say that we are working tirelessly to make sure that we are doing our bit for Britain. We will continue to provide our goods and services through these times and will do so in a safe, socially conscious way.

We manufacturer and distribute specialist equipment to the Electrical Supply, Telecommunications, Rail and Arboricultural industries, alongside inspection, training & repair services across the UK and Ireland.




Safety First

AUS Accreditations

Our product and industry knowledge is hard to beat – and you can also rest assured that our accreditations are in place and up to date.

Latest News

Utility Week Live Online

A new immersive, digital exhibition and conference for utilities professionals working across assets, operations, engineering, innovation, and technology, Utility Week Live Online provides an opportunity for utilities and the utility supply chain to connect at a time when face to face contact is limited.

Made in Yorkshire - How UK Manufacturers are Leading During a Global Crisis

AUS Ltd: Embracing the Digital Era There has been little information out there on how to lead a business during a global pandemic whilst also juggling other activities associated with the boardroom. Read our top tips and stories for leading during a crisis from members of Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire.

AUS Charity golf day

AUS is very proud to have taken part in a charity golf day at Blackwell Grange golf club in aid of Cancer Research UK.

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